The History of The Presley in Oklahoma City | The Presley

Filled with legends and stories

In 1967 an impressive hotel opened

Built in 1970, the Lincoln Plaza Hotel and its modernist architecture were ahead of the times, and the building remains one of the area’s best examples of New Formalism, a funky fresh approach that blends east with west, timeless with trendy. The hotel’s strategic location and avantgarde style catered to upscale travelers, visiting celebrities, and social vanguards alike, capturing attention and attracting more commerce and interest to the Northeast side and beyond the hub of downtown.

A real struggle

The Presley has carried on this legacy of bold brilliance with our inspired approach to social living. We’ve transformed this inimitable icon into a multifamily community that is exceptional in its excellence. From an array of matchless amenities to an easy vibe all its own, every detail is infused with a polished panache that makes The Presley sheer perfection.